How Much Does SEO Cost | How Much is SEO?

How is SEO Pricing Determined?

If you run an online business, you likely need to hire a professional SEO team to boost your digital profile. But how much do these services cost and how is SEO pricing determined? We’ll explain in this article.
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Getting your site optimized by an SEO professional can be a tricky thing to approach. Determining how much you want to get out of the experience is key, but with something as fluid as the internet, how do you know that you’re going to get what you pay for?

There are a number of different SEO services on the market, each one costing a different price. For that reason, it’s difficult to pin down just how much SEO services cost. That being said, there are some general lines you can draw to determine the range that you’re looking at.

This article will help you to approach SEO pricing.

How to Approach SEO Pricing
Before you get in touch with a professional, you should read our article on How SEO Works. There are a lot of factors that go into optimizing a site, and you may have personal preferences on what to focus on when you hire someone.

You’ll also want to consider your current situation. Is your site optimized already? If so, why do you want to hire someone to do the work?

Where do you want to be when your site is optimized?

Why Professionals are Necessary
The internet is always changing, and with it, search engine algorithms find new ways to be effective for users. When things change on the internet, your SEO tactics should change as well. In fact, one significant development in Google could ruin your optimization strategy.

For example, Google’s search engine algorithm was straightforward until about 2015. Actually, it was very complicated, but the process was pretty consistent. The algorithm focused on link authority, freshness, keywords, and 200 other factors that determined a site’s relevance.

In 2015, they introduced the artificial intelligence program, RankBrain, which judges not by the keywords in your search, but by the intentions of the person searching. The program can read a query and infer generally what the user was looking for when they typed it.

Because of this, SEO strategies have had to change. Things like RankBrain make it clear that having a professional handle your optimization is an investment that’s pretty much necessary.

What Services do You Want?
You can find freelance professionals, hired staff, or individual gurus to optimize your site for you. In any of those cases, you’ll need to flesh out the specifics of your agreement. Before you get into the nitty-gritty, you should know the going rate for specific services.

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